The construction of the largest game center in the Kurdistan province of Iraq will be created by the young specialists of Rezvani Holding.
The largest computer games and sports center with the name Rezvani in the city of Erbil ,Iraq, using the capacity of Iranian experts. According to the public relations department of Rezvani Holding, the construction of centers for youths and adolescents with digital, sporting and recreational equipment in a safe and secure environment can help to eliminate the families concerns, obout the impact of harmful and socially harmful games on their children.
In this regard, Rezvani Holding with the slogan ” seving the people is worship” with the approach of employment creation and employing specialist forces aimed at the healthy development of the playing field, set up a digital soccer set in Isfahan city and managed to provides a standardized and professional environment to enthusiasts in this area.
Now with a decade of experienc, Rezvani Holding this time step beyond the bounds of Iran and in neighboring countries like Iraq (Kurdistan) and the establishment of a large collection with the name ( Rezvani game) that can be created by entering into international markets and export goods and services in the field of technical and engineering of Iranian what in terms of the protection of the country’ s economy and in terms of creating an intimate relationship between the two countries will serve a lot of services to the Islamic Republic of Iran.
In addition to computer games, this series includes: bowling, billiards, volleyball, basketball, skating and etc. It is also will be used soon.