Rezvani said: “Rezvani Branch”‫، ‬opened in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region of Erbil at the same time as Eid Sa’id Fetr, which was set up with all the conditions for discovering talented people, reaching growth and flourishing and introducing them to all parts of the world.

Rasool Rezvani, director of Rezvani Game, on the opening and exploitation of this complex, stated: Rezvani Game established a branch in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Erbil, in the Megamal Amusement Business Complex. This complex began it’s activities at the same time as Eid al-Fitr, which is contain a variety of digital and sports games such as Xbox, consoles, computer games, radio control, billiards, ping-pong, foosball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, …(It has about 37 different games.)

He also said that “Our goal is to set up this collection with six dimensions, which initially creates a joyful atmosphere, as well as a family-atmosphere with lots of pleasure. It is very important that children do not play alone and if we can create an environment where families play alongside each other, more attractiveness will be created, along with a strong solidarity between the family members.

Rezvani said: “When we put computer games and motoring games together, it means that children also pay attention to motoring games and put sport into one of their daily activities.

Director of Rezvani games expressed that: “Our second goal is to discover new talents, and we are looking to identify the talents from different age ranks in the Rezvani team, and let them know about their abilities. “talent-discovering is very important because many people are not on their path to being empowered.

He continued: “The best way to discover the talent is at the playing time, and the Rezvani game is designed in a way that in addition to entertainment, identify the individuals’ talent at the same time.

Rezvani explained, in terms of the third goal of this complex establishment, “we train the talented people as a form of an academy, and we create an opportunity for individuals to grow up in every field that they are good at with the best coaches, with the aim of efflorescence.

“Our fourth goal is to introduce these people to other parts of the city, the country and even the world. We also created a site called Ranking, which registered the number of games, the number of wins and lost, and the ability of the person.” It gives people the chance to to be seen in all over the world and find their way to globalization.

Manager Rezvani, added: “There are people who are talented and well-trained and also in the way of efflorescence, but they can not find their position because no one has saw them. Therefor seeing by other people is very important and we follow this very seriously.

Rasool Rezvani explained about the fifth goal of Rezvani’s game: “Unfortunately, in amusement park and in recreational places, we explain to our children that winning a game is chanciness and it depends on luck and we show them the excitement and success as a momently event, which I think will harm our kids, teenagers, and young people, and will not also bring a good future.

“This issue is widespread in the community, and in most places we see people looking for something to win or achieve just with their chances, so we tried to eliminate this issue in Rezvani game and make the games in a way that has a thrill based on people’s ability to play well with science and effort to succeed.

Rezvani said: “Our last goal is an economic issue that is very important, and people may be moved away because of high spending on sports and intertainment, so we tried to address this problem with considering the economic aspect.”

He added: “With the most up-to-date equipment, the best quality of parts and also efficient and professional resources, we have been able to provide all services at a very affordable price, so that all stratum of society can benefit from these conditions.”