Rezvani Game, a professional club.
Rezvani game is a professional club focused on social vitality” said Rasoul Rezvani.
Engineer Rasoul Rezvani, Managing Director of Rezvani Holding said: ” our difference is that the competitions will be held professionally in different places in the world, but we going to have professional game alongside the amateur and with this method we will present social joy with more than a decade of activity in Iran to the countries of the caucasus.
Rasoul Rezvani, regarding the opening and operation of Rezvani Game said: ” Due to the fact that we have a very specialized work in the field of creating leisure time, digital games, cultural, sports and entertainment games, we decided to expand Rezvani game.
In Iran, we are working on the Digital cup and we are planning to create bases in the countries of the world, along with this activity, we launched a site called Rezvani Game ” he continued.
“We have launched more than 30 sets of games, including sports, digital and entertainment games, in addition to creating places for youth leisure, world championships, national and provintial competitions, as well as online league games” Rezvani said.
Managing Director of Rezvani Holding, regarding the establishment of Rezvani game in the Kurdistan region, said: ” We are happy to launch a series called: Rezvani Game in the Kurdistan region.
The Kurdistan region has a culture of people that is close to Iranian thought and they have customs and customs are similarr to our customs, and the city of Erbil was a good choice for the constriction of this complex.
He continued: ” we have a 10,000 megapixel environment in the megamall collection, one of the most important centers of the city of Erbil, and we will launch a variety of games in this collection. We have a lot of plans for Rezvani game such as events held every night or on-line matches and in-person matches. We hope we can open this collection on April 30, 2019.
Rezvani said that being professional in sport has a definite place and many people play soccer, but we want to play soccer and other sports in the form of competitions, so that people can be motivated by this healthy recreation.
Once they have been ranked and ranked among all the contestants, they will surely aim to gain more passion and excitement, and the attracttivness of the tournament will rise, by doing so we promote social vitality.
He added that maybe the city of Isfahan is not in the first place in the field of social vitality, but we hope that we can increase this vitality to the extent that it is transferred from Isfahan to the whole world.
The difference is that the competitions are held in other places professionally, but we decide to have a professional along with an amateur.
Managing Director of
Rezvani Holding explained the goals of this complex and establishment of Rezvani Game. ” We are determined to become activities of such kind as sports and health, social happiness, use of digital day technology and culture, and the proper use of these new technologies into an Iranian brand.
“If we can properly use and target the tools, then the games will definitely go toward training and good things” he added. Now in the world, with computer games, language training, or scientific lessons, our collectiom seeks to make a great contribution to promoting social well-being and the freeing of leisure time.
Rezvani stated in response to the question of how the opening of Rezvani Game in the Kurdistan region could affect the country economy, when we can provide our technical knowledge and engineering to the countries of the region and the world, and this expertise and experience in production we use wealth and GDP for the country, while also importing foreign currency into the country, so we have helped the country’s economy.