About Us

Ten years ago we began with the name and identity of the” Digital cup” and we have always tried to provide a safe and a vibrant environment for the play and recreation of all the people of the community.

We also tried to explore the talents that were neglected by the general public and responsible organizations.

We are very glad and grateful to our kind God who helped us to succeed in this and we proud that we were able to bring together and support more than 340 thousand people in this dynamic and energy- rich club.

we have already taken a more coherent path from the past and will work with the name of Rezvani Game.

we are preparing a club that filled with exciting games.

Our first move will be the opening of Rezvani game clubin Iraq and in the city of Erbil on the accasion of the new year of 1398 and we will go quickly go to the other countries.

In the Rezvani Game Club, based on the pathology, unlike traditional routine, computer games have been decentralized and they have been on the sidelines.Focucing on games and sports such as: (Soccer, Billiard, Ping- pong and etc.) is a vibrant environment for adolescents, youth and even adults and prevents physical and mental problems. At Rezvani Club, every person, regardless of his/her specialization and intrest s, pursues his favorite game; it is not professionl and confined within the limits of the fedaration, but also as an entertainment.

The important point is that even sometimes the person in his personal , work and educational life hasn’t been in the best position for himself and the community, but at the same time at Rezvani Club Game has aquired an authentic identity and has a global rank in his own game; A well-known identity in the world that shapes characters.

Rasool Rezvani

Founder of Rezvani Game